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Knowledge, experience and personal contacts are keys to success in any business. Fortunately, there is an organization that makes all three readily available to those in the engine remanufacturing industry.

The Production Engine Remanufacturers Association is an association of individuals and firms who are remanufacturing internal combustion engines and their major components, or are supplying necessary components, supplies and equipment required in the remanufacturing process.

The goal of the Association is to provide its members with the opportunity to exchange the ideas, methods and procedures necessary to efficiently produce remanufactured products which are equal or superior to original products in quality and performance.

PERA adheres to and supports the premise that its members are dedicated to the highest business ethics, customer satisfaction, employee consideration and to the continual up-grading of the engine remanufacturing industry.

2020 Convention in Greenville, SC – CANCELLED

The 2020 PERA convention has been cancelled due to the corona virus. We will regroup in St. Louis, September 20-24, 2021 at the Live! by Loews

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  • More Than Gapless, More Than Racing

    Posted by PERA / September 18, 2020

    More Than Gapless, More Than Racing Lake Speed, Jr. and Keith Jones of Total Seal Piston Rings discuss the efficiency of any engine citing piston ring...

  • Machining Powdered Metal Valve Seats

    Posted by PERA / August 20, 2020

    Machining Powdered Metal Valve Seats Charles Barnett, President of Dura-Bond Bearing Company and Chuck Lynch, Director of Technical Services for AERA ...

  • Turbo Chargers, Our New Reality

    Posted by PERA / July 16, 2020

    Turbo Chargers, Our New Reality Tim Golema of MAHLE Aftermarket discusses how turbo chargers are an integral part of today’s vehicles and how im...

  • What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt Your Balance

    Posted by PERA / June 19, 2020

    What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt Your Balance Randy Neal of CWT Industries talks about the critical procedures that greatly affect the quality of yo...

  • Testing Your Remanufactured Engine

    Posted by PERA / May 29, 2020

    Testing Your Remanufactured Engine Matt Meyer, General Manager of RMC Engine Rebuilding Equipment and Matt Naplitano, Sales Manager discussed the impo...

  • Engine Bearing Failure Analysis

    Posted by PERA / March 20, 2020

    Problem Solving Solutions – Engine Bearing Failure Analysis Ron Sledge, Performance and Technical Manager for King Bearings has over 30 years’...

  • Valve Train Material Considerations for Late Model Engine Designs

    Posted by PERA / February 20, 2020

    Valve Train Material Considerations for Late Model Engine Designs Chuck Lynch, PER Sales Engineer for MAHLE Aftermarket will discuss the changes in va...

  • The 3.6L GM Engine Family

    Posted by PERA / January 16, 2020

    The 3.6L GM Engine Family In this webinar, Taylor Friend of Jasper Engines and Transmissions shares his knowledge of the 3.6L GM engine family. Taylor...


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